Avis – Enquête en cours – Pitbulls


Notre bureau reçoit actuellement plusieurs plaintes de propriétaires de chiens de type Pitbull ayant reçu une lettre les informant que le permis spécial demandé ne leur sera pas accordé parce qu’ils ont omis de compléter leur dossier dans le délai prescrit. La Ville leur accorde un délai de quatre (4) semaines pour se départir de leur chien.

Notre bureau ne peut pas modifier les règlements, mais il peut s’assurer que leur application est juste et équitable.

Toutes les plaintes de cette nature seront traitées simultanément par notre bureau. Les personnes qui souhaitent s’adresser à nous sont priées de le faire par écrit, selon l’un des modes suivants :

– En complétant notre formulaire de plainte sur notre site Internet
– En nous écrivant à ombudsman@ville.montreal.qc.ca
– En transmettant leur demande par télécopieur au 514 872-2379

Dans tous les cas, nous aurons besoin de vos coordonnées complètes, de l’historique de vos démarches, des motifs au soutien de votre plainte et d’une copie de tous les documents pertinents incluant vos correspondances avec la Ville.

S’il vous est impossible d’avoir recours aux modes susmentionnés, vous pouvez nous appeler au 514 872-8999. En raison du volume d’appels que nous recevons présentement, prévoyez cependant un certain délai de réponse.

  • Joanna Klecka

    This is a horrible act and needs to stop. Not all dogs are a problem. Not everyone can afford to comply with the demands. If this is asjed for dog owners of pitbulls it is discriminatimng as you are not asking all dog owners. This is an evil act and need to stop.

  • Joanna Klecka

    This is cruel and unfair. This is discriminating against the breed that is not the problem. Stop this now.

  • Rachel Maria

    Stop BSL, breed discrimination is ineffective and cruel!

  • Liss Price

    Stop judging all dogs by the breed, any dog can attack. You need tougher ownership laws for pet owners, a dog will act how it is taught to act.
    You should require owner training before adopting a « dangerous breed » (I use that term loosely as I dont really believe any dog is born dangerous.
    I rescued 2 Rottweiler’s & my parents rescued 2 pit bulls, all of these dogs where wonderful family dogs who I would have trusted in any situation.

  • Ruth B.

    You Quebecers are notorious for your ignorance and idiocy when it comes to pets and animals. We rescue cats and dogs from your overcrowded shelters all of the time. Your culture is animal ignorant. You don’t have effective licensing or spay/neuter programs. There are a plethora of backyard breeders too. Educate your people- start teaching and encouraging and rewarding spaying and neutering- stop killing as an answer. You make such a mess and the rest of the country has to clean it up. Get over yourselves and get educated.

    • guest123

      Hey Ruth…Quebec has NO corner on the market when it comes to animal abuse, and is far from the worst province in Canada. The majority of cases that I have personally seen in the last 10 years were actually in Ontario, NOT Quebec. I personally had to call the OSPCA almost to the point of harassment before an animal control officer was sent to investigate one, particular case….Never had that problem in Quebec. As far as spay and neuter programs, I agree, we need more, but no other province has any better access or programs that I have seen and I have been all across the country. As far as this decision goes, the MAJORITY of Quebecers are against BSL, but unfortunately the city council of Montreal is currently being run as the personal little fiefdom of the mayor, and this was NOT put to a public referendum. How about you think of something constructive to do rather than pointing fingers, huh???

      • Ruth B.

        Hey ‘guest’, why don’t you get a life? 🙂

        • blabla12

          Really, that’s your answer? You write something against our people and when someone answers you, all you can come up with is get a life? Lol, I wonder who’s the uneducated one here. Keep dismissing facts by throwing out shitty insults 🙂

        • guest123

          Yes, THERE’S the stellar « argument » I would expect from a bigot….LMAO

  • Ana Janzen

    I can’t believe this is even happening?!?!
    Dog racism!!
    Should be ashamed!

  • Daniela Battistella

    Distinguished Ombudsman de Montréal members, I believe you really want to do what is best for the people and for your beautiful city, but your decision to force a group of pet owners to give up their animal companions, who will most likely be euthanized, is not only heartless and cruel, but it is based on bad information. What you are doing is punishing an entire group of safe, funny, lovable animals because of how badly a very small number of them have been trained by their irresponsible, ignorant human owners. Instead of punishing these awful humans, you are taking revenge from all those wonderful pet owners who have loved, trained, and responsibly taken care of their pit bulls. You may not be aware that even many of the dogs from the small risky group can be saved by good training with talented dog experts. I imagine some of you are pet owners. Maybe some of you even have a dog. You must know the special bond that forms between us and our wonderful pets. Dogs in particular are finely tuned to be amazing human companions, and the love they feel for us, and we feel for them, is deep and strong. This is true across all dogs and all breeds. What you are doing to Montreal pit bull owners is akin to asking that they give up a member of their family, and it will traumatize hundreds, if not thousands of people for decades to come. Please reconsider your decision. Ask to speak to a cross-section of dog experts, not just those who would profit from killing these wonderful animals. Talk to Don Cherry who knows a thing or two about pit bulls. Don’t do this awful thing, that will haunt you and your city for years to come. Regards, D. Battistella

    • ombudsmandemontreal

      The By-law on animal control was adopted by City Council, not the Ombudsman. It is a political decision over which the ombudsman has no jurisdiction : our office has no power to cancel or modify the provisions therein.

      Our mandate is limited to overseeing the administrative decisions and actions of City employees and managers. In the present instance, we can only make sure that the applicable provisions are reasonably and fairly applied.

      If you disagree with this By-law, you must address your concerns directly to the elected officials or the mayor’s office:
      http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=5798,85809573&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) or maire@ville.montreal.qc.ca

  • Lori Massini-Meghji

    Please reconsider this ban, which seems to be based on fear rather than scientific fact. This is unfair and cruel.

  • guest123

    This is a decision based on ignorance and misinformation and amounts to little more than discrimination against both the dogs as well as their owners at this time. This legislation was a reactionary action taken based on a case where the animal in question had NO BULLY BREED OF ANY KIND, in him. It was taken AGAINST the advice and counsel of EXPERTS, such as the College des Medecins Veterinaire, as well as the SPCA, and many animal activist groups. The most disturbing part of it however is that BSL has been PROVEN repeatedly to be ineffective in reducing the number of dog bites/attacks, in both Canada and the US. It appears that Quebec, more and more is enacting questionable legislation based on faulty or even NO information, at the citizen’s expense, in a variety of areas It is time to remind our governments at ALL levels that THEY work for US and this IS supposed to be a democracy.