Charter File

Arrondissement de LaSalle

Citizens are complaining about nuisances generated by a seniors’ residence located in front of their houses, mainly due to garbage collection and recycling operations and truck deliveries.

The Borough had previously intervened in this case: inspections, reminders of the schedule to take out the bins for garbage collection (not before 7 a.m.) and their location. Notices of Violation (Avis d’infraction) were also issued.

In the course of the enquiry, the Borough proposes to ban parking in front of the location where the bins and containers should be deposited: their handling by the janitor will thus be easier and the trucks will access the garage door more easily. The parking ban is approved by the Borough Council in February 2017: signs are installed shortly thereafter.

The complainants also hoped that the Borough would require the installation of an alley for waste collection and deliveries purposes, on the lot of this residence. This is not feasible. At the time it was built, this building was compliant with the regulation: today, the Borough cannot require that an alley be implemented.

As for the other alleged nuisances (mower noise, annual carpet cleaning noise, truck deliveries, etc.), they result from normal operations and are not excessive. It is not necessary to intervene regarding these aspects.

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