Approach and impact

The Ombudsman de Montréal’s team is empathic, open and often innovative. Citizens who seek the Ombudsman de Montréal’s assistance are listened to attentively and their arguments are considered in a serious and impartial manner. When the team handles a file, it always acts without bias.

The Ombudsman de Montréal promotes basic values such as MUTUAL RESPECT, JUSTICE and EQUITY: her approach is based on communication, conciliation and mediation. She seeks out solutions that are just and viable.

If after serious analysis, the Ombudsman de Montréal concludes that a situation does not require her intervention, she will take the time to provide proper explanations to the concerned citizen so that he or she understands the grounds of this conclusion.

The positive effects of the Ombudsman de Montréal’s interventions are worth mentioning. The corrective measures implemented following our investigations often lead to the correction of systemic problems and, therefore, prevent other citizens from facing similar difficulties.

Citizens can easily request the intervention of the Ombudsman: the procedures in place are simple and the file processing times are significantly shorter than the delays encountered during legal proceedings.