Arrondissement de L’Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève

A citizen complains over several problematic issues in a mobile home park.

Some aspects of the complaint are not municipal issues and fall outside our jurisdiction. Allegations of poor maintenance, inadequate snow removal, inadequate street/parking signage and insufficient lighting on a private property are private disputes between the tenants and their landlord: our office can therefore not examine them. The same applies regarding the compliance or not of the electrical network: complaints relating thereto must be managed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Our enquiry nevertheless confirms several non-compliances to the City regulation: exterior storage; uncleanliness of some lots; backyard sheds exceeding the authorized number (one per lot); decaying mobile homes; etc.

After several negotiations, the Borough confirms its willingness to intervene in order to settle these problems. It must first determine which municipal regulation applies to mobile home parks located on its territory.

In 2016, the Borough produces an Information Sheet titled: Aperçu de la règlementation municipale ayant trait aux parcs de maisons mobiles. This sheet summarizes the rules from the zoning By-law (Règlement de zonage), the Règlement sur la construction et la transformation de bâtiments and the Règlement sur la propreté et les nuisances applicable to mobile home parks. The sheet is posted online on the Borough’s website and distributed to every mobile home in the park.

In 2017, the Borough inspects each of the 94 installations on the property: interventions are made regarding regulatory violations that were identified and the Borough commits to follow up as required to ensure that these non-compliances are remedied. Our office will follow up in 2018 on the management of municipal non-compliances.

Only one question is still pending: deficiencies in the aqueduct and sewer networks and the resulting inconveniences for the citizens (frequent water leaks; poor water pressure during these leaks; odours; notice to boil water in effect for several years). We pursue our intervention in this respect.

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