Arrondissement de Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles

Charter file

Several citizens dispute the Borough’s project to implement a dog run facility (Aire d’exercice canin – AEC) in a park located in front of their residence. They fear the resulting nuisances for the residents living around this park. The Borough maintains its position. The citizens turn to the Ombudsman.

The Borough had initiated this project in good faith, with a view to respond to requests from several dog owners. It claims that residents had been consulted and that the majority had at that time agreed to the dog run project.

Following our on-site visit, our office deems that the nuisance risks are high: the park is small, the residences are in close proximity and there is little space to develop a dog run (AEC). What’s more, surveys conducted by the plaintiffs contradict the Borough’s information as to the project’s acceptability by the nearby residents. We further note that the file’s parameters do not meet reference standards that are usually considered by the City in developing a dog run (AEC).

Our comments are welcomed. The Borough withdraws the project.

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