A citizen was complaining of the excessive noise produced by privately owned garbage collection and recycling trucks which often proceeded before 7 a.m.

At our request, a noise control technician showed up at the citizen’s home to carry out the usual verifications. He then forwarded a letter to the concerned companies, to remind them of the statutory prohibition of engaging in such activities before 7 a.m. and to request that they respect this constraint, failing which they would expose themselves to legal action. The situation improved, to the satisfaction of the citizen.

On the other hand, we discovered, in the course of our investigation, that the land on which the garbage and recycling containers were installed belongs most likely to the condo complex where this citizen lives. If that is the case, the co-ownership syndicate could probably request that the garbage containers be moved. We passed on this information to the citizen so that she or her syndicate may look into this matter, more thoroughly.

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