Since 2009, we intervened many times to try and settle different nuisance problems resulting from non-compliant activities of a business located near residences.

Though it was not permitted, this business was storing a significant amount of merchandise outdoor, on its land.  The storage related operations (delivery, handling, sale, etc.) were generating noise nuisances (often early in the morning), dust, traffic, parking problems, etc.  There was also a safety issue, due to the increased traffic and the unloading of delivery trucks taking place in the street.

After investigation, we had issued a Recommendation asking the Borough to follow this file more closely and take appropriate measures to make these non-compliant activities stop.

The Borough had accepted our recommendation and followed up.  Inspections were steadily carried out.  Notices and Statements of offence were issued to the business owner, namely for his non-compliant outdoor storage.  But the owner contested these fines.

We followed up on the situation, annually.  In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Borough pursued its actions.  Many non-compliances were corrected, but the outdoor storage problem remained.  Other Statements of offence were, therefore, issued.

In December 2012, the Municipal Court confirmed that 12 Statements of offence regarding the non-compliant outdoor storage were well-founded.  The business owner was fined.

The situation has since improved, gradually.  The nuisances caused by the outdoor storage were globally resolved.

The outcome is positive for the residents of the area.  In light of the above, our office does not plan further follow-ups.

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