A. Each borough has an Urban Planning Advisory Committee (known as “UPAC”) mandated to evaluate the special requests of citizens or developers, in terms of urban planning and land use: the UPAC studies a file and issues an opinion/recommendation to the Borough Council. Its role is only advisory, not decision-making.

The UPAC is composed of at least one (1) elected official from the borough and of citizens appointed by the Borough Council because of their expertise and their interest.

A UPAC opinion/recommendation is required in the following cases:

  • An application for minor exemption;
  • The adoption of a Master Plan for Urban Development for the borough;
  • The adoption of an Architectural Implementation and Integration plan;
  • An application to authorize a conditional use or a particular construction project.


The opinions/recommendations of the UPAC are advisory. As such, the Borough Council is free to decide whether or not to follow them.

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