A. A public consultation is a process which allows citizens and project developers (public or private) and/or City representatives to exchange information on a specific project. It provides an opportunity to share their points of view and explain their needs, expectations and concerns.

The main purpose of Public consultations is to increase the level of understanding of all those concerned, which often leads to the improvement of the initial project. It is generally not a decision-making process and the City is not bound by the suggestions that are submitted: the elected officials remain responsible to make the final decision.

In Montréal, the legal duty to consult citizens only applies in cases relating to the modification of an urban planning program, zoning changes or loan applications by a borough. In such cases, a register is maintained and, if necessary, a decisive referendum is held.

In all other cases, it is left up to the elected officials to determine whether or not a public consultation should be conducted.

Since 2010, Schedule B of the By-law concerning the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities and the Right of Initiative provides citizens with the right to initiate a public consultation under certain conditions.

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