A. In most boroughs, a By-law which defines the objective maximum noise levels that are acceptable is in force.

Ville de Montréal and the boroughs have also committed themselves, in the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilites, to take adequate action to reduce disturbing noises.

When the source of a disruptive noise is known, you may ask your borough to take noise measurements and, if appropriate, to request corrective measures or issue fines.

Noise disturbance arising from human activity (such as a party, loud music in a home, and so on), as well as noise produced by motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks or buses that have left their engine running unnecessarily) are to be reported to the police.

Anything that is mechanical (heat pump, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) or commercial (music from a bar; music broadcast outside by a business; mechanical workshop) is the responsibility of the Direction de l’aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises in your borough.

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