A. When a Montrealer is evicted and his belongings are put on the street, Ville de Montréal will normally pick them up and store them for a period of sixty (60) days. This is a service that Ville de Montréal is not required to offer but has undertaken to prevent the stealing or destruction of the said belongings.

This is not a free service in all boroughs. The citizen may have to pay transportation and storage fees in order to retrieve his or her belongings.

If, because of your financial and/or family situation, you require additional time to retrieve your property, the OdM may, exceptionally, intervene and request a short extension of the 60 days warehousing period.

There is limited available space, however, for such storage and this service generally leads to additional costs for the boroughs. As such, time extensions can only be for short periods. The citizen who has not yet found a new home must, therefore, find another solution for the storing of his or her property elsewhere, thus ensuring that other citizens may also benefit from the same privilege.

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