Since 2010, we make regular follow-ups with the managers of the Quartier des spectacles in order to improve accessibility and safety on site, for people with functional limitations.  We insist on the importance of considering this aspect at the earliest stage, before construction of the different facilities.  This file is still underway.

In 2012, the City mandated a specialized firm to conduct a Monitoring study on the universal access of the site.  Observations and analysis of the movements of people, with or without functional limitations, confirmed several problems, particularly at corners.  Some of these problems, such as pedestrian / cyclist conflicts, may affect all users.

Following this study, the City undertook the planning of corrective measures.  Some were completed but there is still much to do to improve the existing facilities.  Our office, therefore, is keeping this file active.

The pedestrian / cyclist conflicts at corners and along boulevard de Maisonneuve are of particular concern for our office.

We also want to ensure that for the “Clark Esplanade” project, which is the last phase of the Quartier des spectacles, the City will integrate the required universal access elements for all types of limitations, from the planning stage.

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