A citizen complained about the fact that a parking space reserved for a handicapped person was set up in front of her residence: this would be prejudicial to her business located on the ground floor. She requested that this parking space be moved in front of the residence of the handicapped person who requested this parking space.

The mechanism used by the neighbour to gain access to his vehicle with his wheelchair is located behind the said vehicle: a clearance zone of at least 2 meters is therefore required, for the deployment of the system and the wheelchair access.

If the reserved parking space was in front of this neighbour’s residence, it would be necessary to encroach on a second parking space to offer the required clearance. As for the chosen location, in front of the plaintiff’s residence, it is at the end of the street: therefore, there is enough space behind it, without having to encroach on a second parking space.

Considering the scarceness of street parking spaces for all citizens, Arrondissement de Rosemont-La Petite Patrie’s decision, that limit the impact of this set-up to only one parking space, seems justified.

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