Since the end of 2010, our office has closely followed the measures underway to resolve various universal access and safety problems affecting disabled people in the new Quartier des spectacles. Since our initial intervention, managers in charge and groups representing different types of disabled people have intensified their discussions, the whole in accordance with the Politique municipale d’accessibilité universelle in which Ville de Montréal committed to promote an active partnership with community organizations.


In 2012, a specialized firm was appointed to study the movements of people with or without functional limitations, in this area. This study was conducted over a period of seven (7) months and included a survey of people with functional limitations.


The study confirmed the presence of universal access and safety problems in this area, particularly at road intersections. Different corrective measures were put forward: some were implemented in 2013 and others should be in 2014.


We will continue to follow up on this file to ensure that safety problems are resolved and that all realistic and reasonable solutions are implemented so as to improve universal access to the site, in conformity with the Politique municipale d’accessibilité universelle and with section 28 f) of the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

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