Arrondissement de Rosemont−La Petite-Patrie

Charter file

In our 2015 Annual Report, we chronicled this Borough’s issues related to service quality and undue delays in processing demolition/construction permit applications. At the time, the Borough committed to taking measures to enhance the targeted services’ performance and to reduce turnaround times for issuing permits. The OdM followed up.

To accomplish this, the Borough has namely:

Merged the Division des permis et des inspections (Inspection and Permit Division) with the Division de l’urbanisme (Urban Planning Division);

Restructured the new entity to ensure greater cohesion in processing applications;

Abolished the scheduling of mandatory appointments for requesting 10 types of permits (this rule will gradually apply to all types of permits);

Implemented various measures designed to ensure more efficient processing of applications for demolition permits and for Plans d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale (PIIA).

The Borough confirms that its efforts have paid off. There was a marked reduction in turnaround times (demolition permits, PIIA and new construction permits) and a significant decline in the number of pending files: great news for the owners in the Borough.

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