Arrondissement de Lachine

Charter file

A citizen complains over nuisances generated by a restaurant that is struggling with waste and recyclable material management issues. She adds that the outdoor terrace installed at the side of the building would not be compliant. We engage the Borough.

The latter arranges for the owner to fence off the area where his waste disposal container is located, in his backyard. This enclosure is constructed in the summer of 2016: all waste from the restaurant, including recyclables, must be stored there at all times, except on collection days or the day before.

As for the terrace, it turns out that it is compliant. To operate it, the owner must however obtain yearly a Permis d’occupation du domaine public (public domain occupancy permit) and cover the related fees. The owner was initially issued such a permit, but had not renewed it afterwards. The situation was remedied.

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