A resident was complaining that construction work currently under way, in front of his residence, was often starting as early as 6 a.m. For a long time, the citizen had accepted the normal inconvenience caused by this construction site but he would have appreciated that construction work and noises start at a later hour.

Although the levels of noise authorized by regulation, before 7 a.m., are lower than during daytime, our investigation revealed that there is no by-law, in Arrondissement de Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc Extension, specifically prohibiting construction work before 7 a.m.

At our request, noise measurements were taken on the construction site, before 7 a.m., in order to evaluate the noise intensity. The tests results confirmed that early noises were beyond the levels authorized by the applicable by-law and a Statement of offence was, therefore, issued.

Borough representatives also met with the owners of the building under construction, as well as with the site managers, to sensitize them to the impact of noise nuisances for the residents living nearby: they undertook to no longer begin construction work before 7 a.m., except in very exceptional circumstances.

We followed up with the complainant who confirmed that construction work no longer started before 7 a.m.: he was completely satisfied with the results of our intervention.

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