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Service de la culture Direction Cinéma, Festivals et Événements Bureau du cinéma et de la télévision de Montréal

A citizen complains over nuisances generated by frequent film shooting occurring in the building adjacent to hers.

  • Shouts, loudspeakers, loud conversations, door banging, laughter, cell phones, etc.
  • Cigarette smoke and accumulation of cigarette butts
  • Constant back-and-forth and impression of being in the middle of a perpetual move
  • All street parking is clogged
  • Presence of heavy trucks in front of her residence
  • Traffic congestion form morning to night
  • Odours from paints
  • Glaring spotlights aimed at her living-room and bedroom windows


The citizen requests a 2017 moratorium on film shooting in her neighbour’s residence and asks that the City manage this type of operation more efficiently going forward.

The Bureau du cinéma cannot prevent a person from allowing film shooting in his dwelling. However, it can intervene on the issuance of the Permits required for the occupation of public land, the parking of production vehicles and film shooting on the street. Furthermore, residential zoning must be complied with: private residences cannot become commercial studios.

Before resorting to extreme measures, the Bureau du cinéma looks into potential easing solutions, seeking a fair balance between the citizens’ right to privacy and the importance of creative endeavours.

In this case and following discussions with our office, the Bureau du cinéma decides on the following:

  • Limiting the number of film shoots at the neighbour’s residence to two per year, and
  • Reminding the latter of his obligations to the neighbourhood at the time of shootings.


The citizen welcomed these results.

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