In 2009, a citizen had complained of the excessive noise resulting from garbage collection activities occurring at night, near his residence, in Arrondissement de Ville-Marie.

The nightly collection of garbage was not specifically prohibited by the By-Laws in effect in that borough which, therefore, could only manage this complaint under its Règlement sur le bruit, which prohibits noise exceeding 50 decibels at night.

Such an approach was difficult and costly to manage, however, since it required the presence of a noise technician / inspector on location, at the time of infractions. The borough decided, therefore, to opt for another avenue, that is: to modify its Règlement sur le civisme, le respect et la propreté.

A recent follow-up with Arrondissement de Ville-Marie confirmed that they fulfilled their commitment. The Règlement sur le civisme, le respect et la propreté was modified so as to prohibit specifically garbage collection between 11pm and 7am, on all of the borough territory. Businesses affected by this modification were informed in writing of this new provision and the borough asked them to modify their collection schedules accordingly.

The borough committed to conduct nightly surveillance in problematic areas and, if need be, to issue Statements of offence to companies who would continue to collect garbage at night.

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