In a previous file, citizens had submitted a complaint so that three bird frighteners installed in the Anjou sur le Lac neighborhood would be removed. They were complaining that they were greatly prejudicial to their quality of life and hoping that Arrondissement d’Anjou would find other solutions to keep starlings away from this area. Citizens were also complaining that the administration had not consulted citizens of the area, before installing such devices

Following our 2008 interventions, the frequency of use of these frighteners were significantly reduced. The borough had also undertaken to properly analyze the question and to organize a public consultation on the subject, before it would decide to reinstall or not these devices, in 2009. We, therefore, made a follow-up.

Our intervention confirmed that the borough has indeed held a public meeting which many citizens of the area attended: they got the opportunity to explain their position and make their point of view understood. Following this reunion, it was agreed that the frighteners would be reinstalled in 2009, but that the hours of release would be reduced and some devices would be moved further away from residences. The citizens were satisfied.

In all likelihood, the borough will reinstall these bird frighteners in 2010, but not necessarily in the following years. According to experts, the “black bird dormitory” problem should normally be resolved after 3 years of using bird frighteners: the borough will therefore reevaluate the situation, from year to year.

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