In 2013, nearly 25 citizens residing on Bourbonnière Avenue, between Sherbrooke Street and Mont-Royal Avenue, complain of excessive noise and vibrations in their homes which they attribute to different causes:


  • Abundance of trucks on this artery although, in principle, only local traffic is allowed;


  • Bad road conditions;


  • Frequent bus transit; and


  • Excessive speed of the general traffic, on their street.

These residents are also dissatisfied with the recent reorganization of parking spaces, which they find dangerous for drivers accessing their vehicles.

Our investigation confirms all of these problems.

With the combined effort of the Borough and the local Police Station (PDQ), many problems are quickly resolved or attenuated:

  • The parking spaces are put back to their original locations, resolving the safety issue.


  • Relatively fast, the Borough resurfaces the street, fills the holes and corrects the unevenness problems.


  • As for speed and frequent passing of unauthorized trucks (i.e. not making deliveries in the area), the PDQ intensified its surveillance: the area is put under “special attention” for many months.


  • The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) also collaborates to limit the bus transit traffic on this street: the STM signs are modified to limit the speed of buses to 30 km / h (whereas it is 40 km / h for all other vehicles).

The residents of the area confirm there is a real improvement in their quality of life:  noise reduction, density and speed of traffic reduced, less vibrations in their houses.

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