In 2009, residents complained about nuisances resulting from the presence of a dog area, in the Liébert Park, in front of their residence. This park is located in Arrondissement de Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. This dog area did not meet the usual standards for the implementation of a dog area in this borough. After a long investigation, our office issued a Recommendation to close or relocate it.

Our Recommendation had been denied by the Borough which, however, adopted new operation regulations for dog parks, in 2012.

We asked the Borough to confirm which measures were implemented to ensure the respect of these new rules in this specific dog park, more particularly after the normal working hours of municipal inspectors.

The Borough confirmed that the dog owners association of this dog park refuses to take on any responsibility whatsoever to ensure compliance to these rules by users. Yet, according to the Borough’s requirements, the dog owners association must “accept to act as a partner with the Borough to ensure the calmness as well as the respect of the environment and of the regulations applicable to the park and the dog park.” (our translation)

At the end of 2013, the Borough installed a new sign, at the dog park entrance, mentioning the new regulation adopted in the spring of 2012 including the fact the dog park was now closing at 10pm rather than 11pm, as before. As we wrote our 2013 Annual report, the information availbale on the City’s website was still not modified, accordingly. The modifications were made soon after the release of our Report, in May 2014.

The Borough also installed a new automatic lock system on the dog park’s door, in order to prevent access outside opening hours. However, this system did not seem to be functioning as of December 31, 2013.

Our office continues to follow up with the Borough.

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