A citizen living in an HLM with her three teenagers complained about the presence of rats in her dwelling. She deemed the OMHM’s interventions insufficient and solicited our intervention, to resolve the situation.

The OMHM recognized the severity of the situation: approximately thirty rats were captured and many sanitation problems were noted (dead rats, excrements, foul smells, flies).

Following our intervention, the family was temporarily relocated to another dwelling. The OMHM heightened its inspections and the frequency of treatments: additional fumigation tests were done.

Our office pursued its interventions to ensure the decontamination and repairs of the dwelling before it is rented to someone else: the plaintiff has requested and been granted the permission to remain in the dwelling that had been temporarily allocated to her.

The OMHM improves its procedures

In light of our observations, we suggested to the OMHM that it improves its care, coordination, management and follow-up procedures on rodent control.

The OMHM centralized the management of all such files with its Sanitation Unit (Unité de salubrité), starting February 1st, 2012. This Unit, which was already ensuring the control of bedbugs and cockroaches, will also be responsible for managing the control of rats, mice and ants, in all of the OMHM buildings.

In addition, the procedures of the Sanitation Unit are under review: this exercise will include the adoption of clear procedures in relation to its new responsibilities for pest and rodent control.

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