In 2012, a citizen had complained that his dwelling, as well as many others in the same building, were affected by an important mold contamination problem.


The plaintiff, his spouse and their children reported various health problems linked to this fungal contamination. He complained that Arrondissement de Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension was not taking the necessary measures to resolve the situation and requested our intervention. We discussed this file in our 2012 annual report.


For many months, we made sure that the DSP recommendations were respected namely in regards to the evacuation of some dwellings, until a return to normalcy.


We regularly contacted the Borough who kept us up to date on the situation and sent us all relevant documents. We also contacted the DSP to discuss the situation and its recommendations.


Despite the Borough and the DSP interventions, the decontamination was not completed by the end of 2013. The Borough confirmed that it would maintain its follow-ups until the necessary work is completed and the building is deemed healthy by the DSP. It also confirmed that until such time, the dwellings would remain vacant.


Having been reassured that the Borough would continue to collaborate with the DSP, our office closed this file. We are confident that the reinstatement of previous tenants (including the plaintiff and his family) and the rental of dwellings to new tenants will not be authorized as long as the premises no longer present a health risk.

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