In this file opened in 2012, the former tenant of a dwelling located in Arrondissement de Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie had complained of the presence of large mushrooms hanging from her bathroom ceiling and of the later collapse of the said ceiling. There clearly was water infiltration coming from the piping above and the presence of mushrooms confirmed a fungal contamination.

After our plaintiff left this dwelling, we asked the Borough to follow up and ensure that all the necessary repairs and decontamination work would be done according to satisfactory standards. We considered this to be essential for the health of future tenants.

Our office is not satisfied with the way the Borough handled this file.

The Borough asserted that work had been completed to its satisfaction and that the dwelling could be rented again. However, despite our repeated demands, the Borough never confirmed that it had requested or obtained proof that the work done constituted adequate and satisfactory decontamination work. It should be noted that when there is an important fungal contamination problem, as in this case, the DSP usually requires that decontamination work be done according to certain standards.

We invited the Borough to better educate its employees on the importance of comprehensive action in the handling of unsalubriousness files and on the need to require conclusive evidence regarding the execution of the adequate and necessary decontamination work.  Basic cosmetic repairs do not suffice.

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