The presence of trees, in a city like Montréal, has an important impact on the quality of life of citizens.  Therefore, the City adopted various regulations and policies to ensure the protection of its trees.

In Arrondissement de Saint-Léonard, the Borough’s Règlement concernant la protection et la conservation des arbres provides that no one can damage, prune or cut down a tree or a bush located on City propertyIt also provides that to modify the ground around a tree or a bush on or bordering public roads, so as to impair its growth or its solidity, is prohibited and constitutes a nuisance.

The preponderance of evidence supports that the citizen had not respected these provisions.  During work carried out on his French drain, the roots of the municipal tree were cut which affected its stability.  The amounts billed were consistent with those provided for in the Règlement sur les tarifs.

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