In 2011, when handling complaints from residents contesting the partial closing of their back alley, we had noted some flaws in the way neighbouring citizens had been consulted.

As early as 2012, we discussed our concerns with the Borough which was very receptive.  Its Green Alley Program was very recent and the Borough acknowledged that it could be improved.  It undertook to review all of its rules, taking our comments into consideration.

A new Green Alley Guide was adopted in 2012. The information and consultation processes were clearly improved therein.  The required support rate for the establishment of a green alley went from 30% to 51%; moreover, if a project involves the partial obstruction of vehicular traffic, a minimum of 75% of respondents is also needed.

The Borough then reviewed its Green Alley Guide annually, taking into account our comments and the experience acquired through other such files and more particularly, one file we have been handling since 2014.

The most recent version of the Green Alley Guide (2015-2016) is the culmination of an evolving process which has increased the credibility of the consultation process, improved the mentoring of Green Alley Committees and added social acceptability of such projects.  It also marks the end of our broad intervention on the rules and procedures governing the implementation of a green alley, in this Borough.

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