Following many complaints, we noted that the wording of the Demande de permis de transformation form could be misleading. This form is used in all of the boroughs.

Citizens who plan to undertake modification work on their building must first complete the said form to have their project approved by the zoning and planning department of their borough. According to the applicable By-Laws, the amount they are required to pay, when they file this Application, covers the costs for studying their request. But on the form, the amount appeared under the heading “Coût du permis”, which means “Cost of Permit”.

When the permit was denied, some citizens would ask for a refund, on the basis that since no permit had been issued, they should not be charged any “Cost of Permit”: the City would deny these requests, in accordance with the relevant By-Law.

We looked into this matter and asked that the wording of the form be modified so that the words “Coût du permis” be replaced by “Frais d’étude”, which means “Evaluation fee”. That has already been done.

In the course of this process, the following forms were also modified, in the same fashion: Demande de permis; Demande de certificat d’autorisation; Demande de lotissement; and Demande d’installation septique.

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