A citizen complained about a persistent noise problem, when passing over a broken catch-basin cover, near his residence. He claimed to be greatly inconvenienced by this noise, particularly at night.

The citizen mentioned that he had, fruitlessly, complained many times at the Accès Montréal Office (BAM) of Arrondissement de Ville-Marie.

Following our intervention, the borough replaced the catch-basin cover. Thus, the noise problem was solved.

On the other hand, our office also looked at the way this file had been handled.

Our investigation confirmed that the citizen had submitted 8 requests to the BAM, regarding this problem, but never got any information on the processing of his request or on the development of the file. Among other things, we noted that the Computerized tracking statement of his requests did not specify the nature of the interventions made by the borough’s employees, to address the problem.

The borough director sent a Memo to all of his employees requesting that they describe in a more precise manner, in each file, the nature of their interventions so BAM employees can better inform citizens when they call back for information.

The OMBUDSMAN DE MONTRÉAL will follow up in 2012, to verify the compliance with this directive and its impact.

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