In 2012, our office intervened with the Direction des stratégies et transactions immobilières in order to settle a situation of an enclosed lot located between many lands, two of which belonging to the City. Originally, this private lot was to become accessible through a municipal street, which will finally not be developed due to the recent construction of Highway 25 nearby. As construction is not permitted on an enclosed lot, it becomes very difficult to sell it. There were other lots in a similar situation, in this area.

After analysis, we concluded that the problem of these lands could be solved through their annexion to adjoining lands located on a street. We also found that the City had an incentive to resolve these situations because it itself owned many buildable lots which could not be sold, as long as the problem of the enclosed lots located behind was not resolved.

The City has agreed to facilitate the necessary real estate transactions, in this area, case by case. Discussions were initiated with the owners of the enclosed lots and of neighbouring ones who could be interested in expanding their property. Our plaintiff’s file is evolving well.

Our office is satisfied with current developments. We will follow up in our next annual report.

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