Arrondissement de Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles

The Borough threatens to tear down a house under construction that is yet to be completed. The construction permit has expired: the Borough refuses to extend it or to issue a new one.

Our enquiry reveals that the citizen is performing the work himself, which explains the lengthy delays. Although the building is not completed, it is not run-down. In view of the work progress, we believe that it would be inappropriate to have the building demolished.

The Borough agrees to suspend its actions and grants the citizen additional extensions in order for him to complete the building’s exterior.

One year after our intervention, the work has progressed considerably, but the exterior is not entirely completed. For this reason, we opt to withdraw from the case. We explain to the citizen that he is subject to penalties if he does not quickly bring his project to completion. However, the Borough commits not to initiate proceedings to demolish.

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