For many years, a citizen had been trying to resolve a problem with recurring floods in his and his adjoining neighbour’s basements.  These floods were due to the ineffectiveness of the municipal system which is unable to collect the water accumulating in the street, during heavy rains.

Temporary measures had been implemented by the City to address the problem, but the citizen is still waiting for a permanent solution.  He contacts our office.

Following our investigation and discussions, all parties agree that the ideal durable solution is to backfill the slope entrances of both properties, so that the street water can no longer flow towards their basements.

The cost of such work is significant and the owners do not want to have to pay for them.

After many long discussions, including some between the lawyers of the citizens and of the City, an agreement is reached on the financial compensation the City would pay the two owners in order for them to conduct the required work, to prevent such floods. This agreement is later ratified by Ville de Montréal Executive Committee.

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