Since 2009, we have been following a nuisance and regulation non-conformity file involving La Ferme Québécoise, in Arrondissement de Pierrefonds-Roxboro. This business sells food, flowers, earth, Christmas trees and other similar products. Among other problems, the owner of the business was often violating the regulations governing outdoor displays and storing of goods and nearby residents were complaining of noise and traffic.

We had issued a Recommendation asking Arrondissement de Pierrefonds-Roxboro to take necessary measures to put an end to the non-conforming activities of this business and to the ensuing nuisances to neighbours. The Borough welcomed this Recommendation: the business was subject to regular inspections which led to statements of offence, namely for the non-conformity in the storage of goods outdoors. These statements of offence were contested by the business owner.

We followed up in 2010, 2011 and 2012: the Borough was pursuing its interventions, as it had committed to, but the business had not corrected all of the non-conformities.

In December 2012, the Montréal Municipal Court found the business guilty of twelve (12) offences regarding outdoor storage. Shortly thereafter, the Borough confirmed that is would maintain its follow-ups to enforce outdoor display and storage regulations.

In 2013, the Borough informed us that the situation had significantly improved, that the premises were inspected regularly and that only one (1) new Statement of offence would be issued. We have witnessed first-hand the improvement of the situation and our plaintiff also confirmed it.

Considering the positive evolution of the situation, we decided to close this file. We are confident that the improvements achieved will remain without further intervention on our part. The Borough must, however, maintain its vigilance.


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