Bureau du taxi de Montréal (BTM)

The plaintiff’s taxi permit has not been renewed because she had not duly provided the Sûreté du Québec’s Certificat de recherche d’antécédents judiciaires négative, on a timely basis. The citizen complains about the Bureau’s inflexible conditions regarding the management of permit renewals.

Although we are sensitive to the citizen’s arguments, we feel that the BTM’s approach is not unreasonable: the regulation is clear and the mandatory deadline had not been met. In addition, the citizen was slow in taking steps to obtain this certificate.

The BTM nevertheless understands the importance of better informing its members on the fact that they must expect long lead times in order to obtain the Certificat de recherche d’antécédents judiciaires négative. This information has been included in the Renewal Notice (Avis de renouvellement) that they receive.

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