A citizen from Arrondissement de Pierrefonds-Roxboro had started installing a PVC roof over his rear balcony, before obtaining the required permit. When he submitted his permit request, the borough rejected his request because the use of PVC was not authorized by the Zoning By-Law in effect at the time, for that type of construction: the borough also requested that the structure be demolished.

Our investigation confirmed that, indeed, the current By-Law did not allow the use of PVC for the roof of such a structure. However, we learned that modifications to this By-Law were already planned and that, very soon, this material would be allowed.

We questioned the appropriateness of requiring the demolition of this structure if PVC was soon to be permitted.

Following our intervention, the borough agreed to suspend its demolition request until the new Zoning By-Law was adopted. The citizen later obtained his permit and completed the installation of his PVC roof.

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