Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM)

A Rapport général d’intervention (RGI) is required by insurers to compensate disaster victims. A 2015 OdM inquiry had shown that delays in sending the RGIs were occasionally problematic. The SIM Directors had then taken corrective actions and committed to keep statistics. The OdM wants to ensure that the measures implemented are efficient: we initiate a follow-up in September 2017.

The SIM does not have precise statistical data on the transmission delays of RGIs. However, it estimates that 85% of RGIs are drafted quickly and sent to citizens within 30 days; 15% of files, nevertheless, would be problematic. These long transmission delays would be due mainly to the fact that several management positions are vacant.

After our intervention, the SIM implements the following measures:

♦  Quarterly reminders to stakeholders of the importance of producing and transmitting RGIs within 30 days.

♦  Addition of a performance evaluation criterion related to the transmission delays of RGIs in the Performance Assessment of Managers.

♦  Follow-ups on RGI delays during the statutory meetings between the Director of Operations and fire station Officers.

♦  In cooperation with the Service des relations de travail, drafting an administrative letter for “problem” officers reiterating that they are bound to comply with the RGI directive, subject to sanction.

♦  Creation of a new computerized control tool (Tableau de bord opérationnel) making it possible, among other things, to compile precise data on the transmission delays of RGIs.

The efforts expended to improve transmission delays of RGIs produce conclusive results. As of August 23, 2018, 4.8% of RGIs are not sent within 30 days: that is three times less than the 15% estimated at the start of the inquiry.

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