Although it is not legally required to, Ville de Montréal has, for many years, picked up the furniture and other personal effects that are put on the street by bailiffs, following the eviction of a tenant: this measure prevents these goods from being quickly stolen or broken by third parties.

In former Ville de Montréal, Central administration picked up and stored these belongings in its municipal pound, for up to two months. This service was not free and, to get back their furniture, citizens had to pay the transportation and storage fees, unless the Ombudsman de Montréal issued a Recommendation to reduce the cost or extend the usual storage period for citizens in a difficult situation.

As of January 1st, 2009, the Central administration no longer offers this service and the 9 boroughs of the former Ville de Montréal took it over. Each of the 19 boroughs of Montréal now has its own rules which can substantially vary especially with regards to the amounts to be charged to citizens, for such a service.

The Ombudsman de Montréal still intervenes in these files, when the need arises.

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