In 2006, a citizen submits a request for a HLM which the OMHM declares inadmissible because, according to its files, this citizen had previously abandoned a subsidized dwelling, in 2005. Under the OMHM rules, she could not submit a new application for an HLM or a subsidized dwelling for a period of five (5) years, following the date of her abandonment.

The citizen confirmed that she had resided in a subsidized dwelling, but she denied having abandoned it. She insisted that she had left in agreement with the landlord and, therefore, she found the penalty imposed to her totally unjustified.

Following the intervention of the Ombudsman de Montréal, the citizen provided evidence that her departure had, indeed, been agreed with her previous landlord, upon which the OMHM recognized that there had been no abandonment since this concept implies the idea of running away to escape creditors.

The OMHM corrected the information contained in the citizen’s file and reconsidered her application to be put on a waiting list for a HLM.

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