A tenant of the OMHM complained of many problems:  defective ventilation in the building, erroneous unpaid balance on her account, water accumulation in front of the building, neighbours keeping their dwelling doors open on the common corridor, work schedule of the security agent and general uncleanliness of the building.  Our office inquired with the OMHM and visited the premises.

  • The ventilation system was repaired.
  • The citizen’s account was corrected.
  • The OMHM hired a company to remedy the water accumulation in front of the building’s steps. This work was done in the fall of 2015.
  • The building residents were reminded that they must keep their dwelling doors closed.
  • The security guard’s work schedule, however, is consistent with the job description and did not appear problematic. We did not push this issue any further.
  • Following our visit of the premises, we found that there was no need for an intervention regarding the building’s cleanliness.

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