The citizen’s car was parked illegally. Instead of having it moved elsewhere, an SPVM agent mistakenly had it towed and stored to the municipal pound.

When the citizen noticed her car was missing, she contacted the police quarters: she was told there was no Report that the car had been moved elsewhere or towed away and, therefore, that her vehicle had probably been stolen. Soon after, a Towing Report was received at the police quarters: an agent tried to contact the citizen, without success, and the file was put aside.

Many days later, the citizen received a Statement of offence for illegal parking and a bill of $1,025.55, for the towing and storage of her vehicle. After other attempts had failed, she contacted our office.

In the course of our investigation, the SPVM recognized that the car should not have been towed and stored but only moved elsewhere: the citizen could, therefore, recover her vehicle, without paying these fees. The Statement of offence remained into force, however, and had to be paid: its amount includes a $50.00 towing fee.

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