Charter File

Arrondissement de Verdun

 A citizen from Île-des-Soeurs complains over a traffic issue around the Centre communautaire Elgar: cyclists use the path and sidewalks without dismounting their bicycles and there would be excessive traffic of City vehicles in the park. This presents potential safety risks to pedestrians, including, namely, seniors who attend the Centre.

• Following an on-site visit with the citizen and a Borough representative, the latter reminds the Community Centre staff that it must restrict City truck traffic in the park.

• In the summer of 2017, the Borough adds signage to notify cyclists that they must dismount their bicycles around the Elgar Centre.

• Flower containers are relocated more strategically near the Community Centre to that end.

Nonetheless, we find that additional improvements are required to reduce the risk of mishaps between pedestrians and cyclists. The Borough commits to exploring new solutions for the 2018 summer season. We will follow up.


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