Charter File

Arrondissement de Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

While processing a previous file, the OdM is surprised by the five-year delay between the end of a property’s transformation work in accordance with a duly issued Permit, and the final compliance inspection.

Our office undertakes an enquiry in order to understand the context for this delay and explore the relevance of clearer rules, to ensure stricter follow-ups.

The Borough explains that during a certain period, its inspectors had to prioritize interventions related to insalubrious dwellings: hence, several inspections regarding construction or transformation work had been put aside. The Borough has since put things right: the backlog of regular inspections files has almost all been resolved.

Following our intervention:

– The Borough has adopted and published a clear standard confirming that the compliance inspection should usually be conducted within six months of the work completion and within one year, at the latest. The Borough acknowledges that longer delays are unreasonable.

– The Borough reminded the Department Managers the importance of complying with this new standard regarding final inspection delays.

– Compliance with this standard will be part of the indicators for these Managers when their performance is reviewed in 2018.


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