Citizens regularly asked the Ombudsman de Montréal to obtain the authorization to cut a tree from which are falling an abundance of fruits or leaves and even occasionally honeydew on their property.

We must remind ourselves, however, that in an urban environment, the presence of trees brings many benefits to the entire community. Beyond their aesthetic impact, trees cleanse the air, provide shade during hot summer days, ensure a protection against the climate and serve as shelters and pantries to many small animals. Ville de Montréal, therefore, considers very important to protect the trees, except if they are sick and/or pose a serious risk. Citizens must, therefore, accept the normal inconvenience resulting from the presence of trees, near their residence.

Except in particular circumstances, the Ombudsman de Montréal generally approves this municipal approach.

As to flies that sometimes infest a tree and secrete a sticky liquid called honeydew, an adequate and ecological treatment, in the spring, can generally solve the problem: there is no need, therefore, to authorize the cutting down of trees, for this sole reason. When the infested tree is a municipal one, our office will ask the concerned borough to add this tree to the list of trees to be treated each spring, so as to control the presence of flies therein.

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