A citizen was complaining about the fact that Ville de Montréal promotional tools for the Rénovation à la carte Subsidy Program lacked clarity and, more specifically, the English version: indeed, the English text referred to a requirement of having “at least six units” in the building, without specifying that these units had to be residential ones.

We inquired with experienced translators and concluded that the English texts, in relation with this program, could be confusing.

Consequently and following our intervention, the Habiter Montréal English Web site was modified and the term “units” has been replaced by the term “dwellings”. As for modifying the information pamphlets, however, their printing costs are quite substantial and, therefore, we have accepted Service de la mise en valeur du territoire et du patrimoine’s undertaking that, as soon as a new print is required, the texts of the pamphlet will be rectified in the same manner.

We apologize but this Website is available in French only.