Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal

The Borough asks a citizen to replace the exterior door of his workshop he installed less than a year ago: it would not comply with the approved plans. The citizen claims that the installed door had been approved by a Borough employee.

After conducting a lengthy and complex enquiry, we retain the following:

• Several documents corroborate the citizen’s allegation.

• The Borough acknowledges that an agreement had been reached to change the door initially authorized, but it cannot provide the details of the agreement.

• The Borough had performed several inspections to verify compliance of the work: no issue regarding the installed door had been raised at that time.

• In fact, this Permit-related file had been closed.

• About six months later, this citizen had solicited our intervention regarding a different question: we intervened with the Borough.

• Shortly after, the Borough reopened the Permit file and requested that the door be replaced.

In view of the overall elements, we believe that the citizen’s testimony prevails. We ask the Borough to allow the citizen to regularize his door by applying for a Permit that would be granted without any further ado, a procedure often privileged by the Borough.

The OdM issues a Recommendation in this respect. It is unfortunately denied.

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