A citizen complained to our office so that Arrondissement de Ville-Marie and the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal take action to eliminate certain irritants harmful to the quality of life of nearby residents such as graffitis, garbage, animal excrements, as well as problems relating to itinerancy, drugs and prostitution.

Following our intervention, a committee was put into place to specifically address these problems, in this area.

First, the committee agreed on a Phase I:

  • To conduct a survey within the neighborhood in order to obtain an objective diagnosis of the situation;
  • To mobilize the residents in order to elaborate and carry out activities aiming at strengthening the social fiber;
  • That the officers of Police station 22 pursue their interventions and increase surveillance; and
  • That the increased interventions of the borough, in regards to cleanliness, be maintained.

In Phase II, the committee will proceed with the analysis of the survey’s results and identify the required actions, taking into account the priorities expressed by citizens.

Given that the borough and community members have initiated this process, the Ombudsman has suspended her intervention but we since followed up on the committee’s actions to make sure these concerns remain a priority.

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