When there is a fire, Insurance companies require that the insurees provide them with a report filled out by the Fire Department, before compensation is paid.  At the SIM, this form is called the Rapport général d’intervention (RGI).

The OdM heard that some citizens were unable to obtain their RGI within a reasonable time lapse, in order to be compensated.  We had handled a similar problem a few years ago.  We investigated once more.

Our investigation confirmed that the delays before the SIM forwarded the RGI to citizens were often problematic and could penalize the victims.  The SIM acknowledged the problem.  It reminded its managers the importance of completing the RGI and insisted that they be sent to victims quickly.

In the OdM’s view, a three week maximum delay for the transmission of these reports would be reasonable.  The SIM pledged to take all required steps towards such a result.  Our office will follow up in 2016.

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