Arrondissement de Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The Borough informs a Co-ownership Syndicate that the two parking spaces of the building are non-compliant and must be removed. The building will no longer have parking spaces, as required in the By-law. The Co-ownership Syndicate will have to apply for an exemption and pay a contribution to the Fonds de compensation de stationnement.

Our investigation confirms that these spaces are non-compliant. One of them might have been approved indirectly in 2011, when the Borough had approved certain plans, but this space encroaches on public land: therefore, it must also be removed. The Co-ownership Syndicate will need to apply for an exemption to the By-law regarding parking spaces.

Given the specific circumstances of the file, our office obtains the following results:

The Borough management will recommend to the Borough Council to exempt the Co-ownership Syndicate from having to pay the $3,500 contribution to the Fonds de compensation de stationnement.

  • The Syndicate will pay the study fees for its Demande d’exemption, the publication fees of the relevant notices as well as the removing costs of the existing car ramp.
  • Except for the publication fees ($341), the Borough will apply the 2013 rates: file review ($1,110 instead of $2,123), removal of the car ramp ($2,814 instead of $3,215).


In total, therefore, the Co-ownership Syndicate will pay $4,265 instead of the $9,179 initially expected.

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