A tenant had no permanent heating system on the second floor of her dwelling and, with winter arriving, she worried about the cold. She filed for the resiliation of her lease with the Régie du logement and asked her borough to have a municipal inspector visit the premises to confirm the situation.

Arrondissement de Lachine’s response was that there were no inspector available for the moment, to ensure the respect of the By-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance of dwelling units and that approximately 100 complaints were currently on standby, waiting to be looked into.

The citizen, therefore, requested the Ombudsman de Montréal assistance.

Following our intervention, a borough employee quickly showed up to inspect the premises: his report was sent to the citizen who produced it at the Régie du logement.

In addition, the borough confirmed that an inspector would be hired swiftly to respond to complaints relating to insalubrious dwellings. We followed up, in 2008, and were happy to note that an inspector is now available and devoted to handle such requests.

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