Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest

Following an incident, a citizen has lost her access and borrowing privileges to Ville de Montréal’s network of libraries for one year. She disputes this penalty.

Following discussions, the Borough agrees that the sanction is too harsh in view of what happened and in light of the provisions of its Règlement relatif aux bibliothèques du Sud-Ouest. It offers to reduce the ban to three months, which seems reasonable to us. This period having already elapsed, the citizen immediately recovers her access rights.

Our office’s findings, however, point to weaknesses in the management of this file and the application of the Règlement relatif aux bibliothèques du Sud-Ouest. The Borough welcomes our comments: it carries out an in-depth analysis and enhances its incident management procedures that could lead to imposing a sanction against a user. The Borough must also provide its staff with training on managing difficult situations in 2017.

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